Saturday, May 3, 2014

Taking Red Rock For A Loop

The Red Rock Scenic Loop is one of the Las Vegas treasures. If this was Colorado or California, the Loop would be packed with cyclists. But the Las Vegas bicycle scene is still growing, which means the Loop is usually a calm place to ride a bicycle.

The climb to the top turn-off is always a challenge. Thank goodness I have a new bike to help power me there.

The elevation is impressive, especially for a guy who biked a lot in Florida. Altimeter says 4,710 feet above sea level. Not too shabby.

Around Mile 10 on the 13-mile loop The Big Stripe comes into view.


Dave Henly said...

Nice ride! Some serious Chainstays there.

Like so beefy that they are almost ugly.

Which makes them so gorgeous I'm jealous.

Gonna have to swing by my local Specialize store and see it in person. I bet it climbs and sprints amazingly.

EDWARD said...

The Red Rock Scenic Loop would be such an amazing ride on my bike. It looks like you had a lot of fun and such a good day to ride a bike.

John said...

Thanks for sharing your bike story.I am planning for a mountain tour with my bike. Hope have a nice time there with my friends.