Sunday, November 16, 2014

Windy Conditions Ahead

The cycling conditions have changed overnight -- 70s and no wind Saturday to low 50s and gusty out there on the Red Rock Scenic Loop Sunday morning.

Hit the circuit this morning with pals Scott and Anthony.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pedaling Through The Burbs (Ugh) To Reach The Cyclovia

I realized today why I don't bike from Summerlin on the Vegas valley's west side to Henderson much.

It's because cycling 25-30 miles one-way through pure suburbia, with its boring landscape and fast-moving SUVs and other suburbia vehicles is just not very pleasant.

I pedaled through the valley's ugly southwest sprawl into the Henderson area of more wide streets, ho-hum suburban architecture and fast-moving, impatient drivers to reach the city of Henderson's cyclovia, uh, I mean "stroll and roll."

I met three guys on road bikes a few miles from the closed road and that was the highlight. Here are the three on the closed Paseo Verde Parkway.

Cool old bikes, including a few Schwinn Sting Rays

Monday, November 3, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bicycle Is Beautiful

For massive traffic scenes like the crush of cars around the Life Is Beautiful footprint in downtown Las Vegas today and this weekend, the bicycle is beautiful.

LIB staged a bicycle parking area on Carson just a block or two from the festival gates.

Life Is Beautiful is a super-buffet of diverse acts ranging from Kanye West to Lionel Richie to Pussy Riot offering a discussion to chefs to Oscar Goodman and artists to Ferris wheels and murals, with lots of food and beer and booze all around.

It was a young crowd. with lots of guys with beards and tattoos and gals with multi-color hair, sundresses and Converse sneakers.

Life Is Beautiful -- the art, music, culinary and food festival -- has Tony Hsieh's fingerprints on it everywhere. In fact, I met Tony's San Francisco entrepreneur pal Raj Kapoor who has launched a fitness business and had one of his employees playing guitar. Below, Tony is chatting at a session where he talked about his entrepreneurship ways.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bike Commute And Your Day Automatically Becomes A Winner

Tonight I bicycled home and it's amazing how the day shifts on its axis by simply pedaling a bicycle home from work instead of driving a car.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

From Blinking Man to Pedaling Yentas

Less than seven hours after wrapping up the Blinking Man ride, it was to do some road cycling with the Pedaling Yentas this morning.

 At the Red Rock Scenic Loop overlook, it was selfie time.

Blinking Man Bike Ride Lights Up Downtown -- Again

Blinking man in October is like Halloween on wheels with a strong dash of Burning Man thrown in.

About 250 bicyclists wearing rainbow-themed wear and with bicycles lit up like rolling flashing Christmas trees roamed downtown Las Vegas, dropping by bars like the Bunkhouse and the Bier Garden at the Plaza hotel.

Everyone was dressed for the occasion.

Even Kevin Cannon popped in to soak up the fun.

Everyone wore their finery for the event.